Quality sprinkler systems for your project or hazard

Today, we’re a full-service fire protection company, but we first earned our reputation by designing and installing sprinkler systems. Over the years, we’ve developed extensive experience and knowledge in the unique requirements of specific industries and types of projects. Whether your project involves a large hospital or warehouse, a mission-critical facility or a small renovation, our experts have the specific knowledge to address your needs.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art in-house design and fabrication services. Our design team
uses the latest CAD and BIM technology to design and spec systems, while our professional fabricators turn those designs into quality materials that we use to build each system.
Handling these processes internally allows us to ensure that we meet promised delivery dates and project budgets.

We also handle our own installation, with a trained team of professionals that’s fully insured, bonded, and well-educated in workplace safety.