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Which is better, Automatic Fire Sprinklers or Clean Agent Fire Suppression?

Preaction Automatic Sprinkler versus Clean Agent Fire Suppression for High Value and Mission Critical Assets Well as the old saying goes, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Oh and by the way, we need both! In most cases, automatic sprinklers and clean agent fire suppression systems are used for completely different purposes. To control the fire in order to save lives and the building structure To extinguish the fire completely in order to save critical equipment or assets Most of our customers in mission critical Continue reading →

Our People: Special Hazards Silverback, Ed Cone

People.  That’s really what makes (or breaks) an organization, isn’t it? Who wants to work with someone they don’t like? Not me! So what kind of people are you working with when you work with Century Fire Protection? To answer that, we’ll be posting a series of blogs over the next few months that profile our team so you can get to know us. We’re starting with one of my friends and a “silverback” in our industry, Ed Cone. Among other things Ed is an Air Continue reading →